5 years from now, Mazatlán will have a great transformation


With the opening of the Mazatlán Logistic Center, it is estimated that more investors will come to the city, says businessman Javier Lizárraga.

MAZATLÁN.- The Mazatlan businessman and former Secretary of the Economy in Sinaloa, Javier Lizárraga Mercado, expressed that the port has grown enormously, and is destined to be the entrance and exit door of the USMCA corridor, something that has to be taken advantage of by the logistics locations that this city has.   

He stressed that with the opening of the Mazatlán Logistic Center, a logistics park developed by Grupo ARHE, the port grows even more and becomes an important destination for investors.  

Lizárraga Mercado said that Mazatlán is prepared with everything from hospitals, schools, airports, for which it is estimated that about 4 or 5 years will see a very important transformation in the city with tourism of great monetary value. 

“I am very pleased because it is a new industrial pole, if we add it with the already industrial airport pole, we are talking that now we have, finally, the foundations, now we are ready for the industrialization so longed for,” he said.  

The businessman commented that there will be tourism of a lot of monetary value for Mazatlán since it is tourism that spends in good hotels, good restaurants and business tourism will be of great value. 

Source: punto.mx

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