Vehicle flow to Mazatlan has increased by 25 percent


National Guard personnel announced this increase in the roads of the municipality of Mazatlán at this time of December

Drivers are asked to check their units before leaving and to follow all warning signs

The traffic flow has increased on the roads of Sinaloa after the celebration of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, especially in the southern area, as stated by the head of services of the Ángeles Verdes corporation, José Ricardo Picos Quintero.  

Vehicle flow on Mazatlan highways has increased by up to 25 percent 4

“In the collection booth in Mármol we have had a considerable increase since before, there were an average of 9 thousand vehicles per day that circulated per day on said stretch of road and since December 1 the capacity has increased to 12 thousand in the days that have elapsed so far this month ”, mentioned National Guard personnel from the Coordination of the Safety Company on Roads and Installations in Communication Roads Sinaloa Mazatlán station.

He expressed that they have run into several drivers standing on the side of the road, along with their families, because they do not take precautions before leaving their destination, and they do not check that their cars are in good condition to leave. 

Picos Quintero pointed out that one of the main things that have to be done is to check the vehicle since currently cars have been found pulled by different mechanical failures that can be prevented earlier.  

“They do not bring insurance and another is that they are getting flat and the tire is not brought, it seems that they do not remember that there are five tires. We as Green Angels have always placed a lot of emphasis on receiving every detail, “he said.  

The commander of the corporation commented that he has noticed the presence of countrymen who come for these celebrations, tourists from 12 states of the republic, and foreign visitors who even arrive in mobile homes.  

Finally, he added to take precautions when driving, always with a view to the front and in the rearview while going on the federal highway, in case of any mishap, communicate to the emergency numbers 078 or 55-22-59-77-026 with 24-hour coverage hours in the entity. 


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