Genius! Sinaloans mount GoPro on fish (video)


Just like on November 21, 2019, when he placed a camera similar to a bass and observed what was under the water, José Manuel Nieblas does it again, but at sea

Wrapped up in a ‘madness’ -as he himself describes it- that crosses any barrier of genius, José Manuel Nieblas once again unleashed his passionate and creative fisherman instinct by placing a good-sized fish with a GoPro that allowed to ‘feel’ the seabed of Topolobampo  (Sinaloa), in the Gulf of California.

The Youtuber fisherman, recognized for the ingenious content that he periodically shares on his YouTube account, planned another ‘madness’, this time on the high seas, in the vicinity of the emblematic Farallón de San Ignacio, to enter the deep habitat of the multiple species that there inhabit.

Nieblas was accompanied this time by the also accredited Mochitenses fishermen Jorge Acosta and Francisco ‘Capi’ Mena, who contributed their experience and wisdom to consummate not only good fishing but also the sparkling idea of ​​mounting the GoPro aquatic camera on a fish that minutes before they had captured in the same area.

Nieblas carried out a similar experience on November 21, 2019, at the El Mahone dam, Miguel Hidalgo, in his ‘homeland’, El Fuerte, where he placed the portable device on a largemouth bass to observe what was at the bottom of the reservoir.

“I was afraid of losing the camera, it was a risk,” admitted the fortense. ‘(There was a risk) if a sea lion would chase it and want to eat it, or that the fish would go down a lot and get stuck on a stone.’

But, fortunately, “everything went very well and we ended up very motivated and encouraged” to re-plan an experience of this nature and with the same colleagues to whom Nieblas -confesses- has a lot of trust and empathy.


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