Cosalá and its alleys that make tourists fall in love


As you walk you can find houses with bright colors, cobbled steps, you can even sit in a cafe while watching people go by.

COSALÁ, Sinaloa. – Walking through the alleys of Cosalá is to enter the magic of the town, it is to visit every corner and look for the best angle for your photographs, it is to know what the locals do, how they clean their front of the house, what amenities they do to show each one and here we are going to detail each one.  

You do not need a vehicle to travel, just leave it near the square and walk, they say that on foot you discover more than you can see above a transport, so keep reading because we are sure that after reading you will want to visit it.  

Luis Pérez Meza Alley 

The entrance is right in front of the square, it is also unmistakable, it has a dozen umbrellas that decorate and shade the alley, making it shine and enter this Magic Town, there is a cafe where you can sit and enjoy the day.  

Villavicencio alley  

It is perpendicular to the previous alley, it is small but it has ribbons that are detached from threads along it, it is a special place because at night it lights up and the photos there are from another planet, in addition, the people of Cosalte exceed their kindness and they even light up their windows so you can look good in the photos.  

Amador López Alley  

Keep walking, around these two you will find an alley of bandanas that will make you fall in love, what difference does it make? Its stairs and the shape of the alley, on a slope, are the premises and houses, so your photo will come out from a different perspective. Also visit it at night, it is illuminated.  

Photos: Fernanda Magallanes

Donato Guerra Avenue  

On the way to the parish of Guadalupe, you will find a street or avenue as Google Maps says, that hangs between it a series of piñatas and metallic ornaments that shine and release unique sparkles at night. Do not hesitate to visit it.  

Closed José Felipe Gómez  

Behind the main parish, there is a closed one with benches and boules hung between lights, it is ideal to sit down to read a book or talk with your companion, and although it is also a show at night, by day it looks just as beautiful as the others.  

Signboard of Cosalá  

Do not leave Cosalá without taking a photo of the memory in its letters, it is a tradition of all the places that have them. These are in the square and in the background, you will take a panoramic view of the town.  

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

So now you know, fall in love with Cosalá walking and walking these alleys, take pictures alone or with your family and show them off in networks so that more people visit this Magical Town of our state. 

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