Video: Let’s go to Chametla to celebrate the Mestizaje Cultural Festival 2022


It will be held from April 8 to 10 in the community of Chametla, El Rosario, which is believed to be the oldest in Sinaloa

The program of activities will begin Friday the 8th at 6:30 AM with “Música de Alba”, at El Rastro; Later, in Vero Virgen place at 7:30 AM, the traditional “Comeliton Popular” will take place.

At 7:00 PM the Cultural Artistic Festival will be held, where the festivities will be officially inaugurated with a mariachi concert.

MAZATLAN. – It is back, after last year it was carried out virtually, the people of Rosario will celebrate in a big way the 491years of the Cultural Festival of Mestizaje Chiametlán 2022, a tradition expected by the residents of the municipality of El Rosario since it reunites the families who live in other places and who return to their place of origin to celebrate in their land.  

Although there is no exact date when this town was formed, it is believed that it was thousands of years ago, due to the fact that archaeological pieces were found, some of which, according to experts, are more than 1,500 years old.  

The Chiametlán Mestizaje Cultural Festival is characterized by the party, band music, the mariachi, and the preparation of food for the entire town, which is prepared by various families.

In this edition, the festival will take place from April 8 to 10.  

Do you want to go? Below is the schedule of their events.

Friday April 8 

-Musica del Alba (2 hours of banda) 

-Menudo (donated by Barrio Vero Virgen) 

-Artistic Festival  

-Traditional Mariachi  

Saturday, April 9 

-Menudo (Pedro Diaz neighborhood and Bella Diaz neighborhood)   

-Conference: Origins of the Temple of Life of San Pedro Chametla 

-Cavalcade, band music 

-Artistic Festival 

En Rosario, Cabalgata Guadalupana cumple 14 años de unir pueblos"

Sunday, April 10 

– Dawn Music 

– Menudo (Family of Margarita Hernández Páez) 

-Anniversary Mass  

-Artistic Festival  

– Pyrotechnics  


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