The Magical and Stately Towns of Sinaloa are waiting for you


Promotur Sinaloa and Sedeco agree to coordinate efforts so that you can continue “puebleando” visiting towns villages as you like

MAZATLAN.- If your thing is rural tourism, the state authorities assure you that they are going to focus so that the Magical and Stately Towns are “ah doc” for you and you continue visiting them more frequently.

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For this reason, the director of Promotur Sinaloa, José Alfonso Reséndiz Memije joined ties with members of the Ministry of Economic Development.

For what?

The state official explained that it is precisely to work together and raise the quality of these tourist attractions, diversify their product and generate greater mobility in them.

“The objective is to be links for obtaining resources that are required to improve its tourist offer, we know that travelers like to populate, learn about the culture, traditions and gastronomy that characterizes each one, and in that Sinaloa has a lot what to offer,” he said.

Currently, there are 4 Stately Towns, Rosario, Cosalá, Mocorito, and El Fuerte, to which are added Stately Towns such as El Quelite, San Ignacio, Copala, Concordia, Choix, Sinaloa, Imala, Elota and Villa Ahome.

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Both state agencies agreed to go hand in hand with them to promote the projection of both tourist segments since they represent an important part of the tourist activity in Sinaloa.

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Reséndiz Memije added that the idea is to support the productive activities of the population with actions with a social meaning in which the economic chain brings benefits to the families that offer goods and services.

“We are sure that we are going to create good synergy and that rural tourist areas will benefit,” he said.

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