Gamers set their eyes on Mazatlan, the port hosted a world-class virtual tournament


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mazatlán is on the lips not only of vacation, business, wedding, religious, and sports tourism, now it is also on the minds of video game lovers.

So much so that recently, over the weekend, the port hosted the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament, Delfino Maza Reta 2022, with the Las Flores hotel as the venue, a unique and valuable opportunity for the destination in words Gaspar Pruneda Gutiérrez, vice president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan.

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“It is very important, because they are young people and people who come once, come back again and the most important thing about this tournament, as it is worldwide and the champions are Mexicans, is where Mexico is world champion. I think that, of the only sports, then there are going to be millions of views on the internet by the community. It will reach Europe, it will reach South America, it will reach the United States and for Mazatlan it is a great opportunity to show the world what we have.”

The also director of Hotel Las Flores maintained that it is an avant-garde sector, which brings together thousands of young people under 40, with a passion for video games, who have stood out in this world, which is already considered a mental sport, same that after having known the wonders that the destination offers, it is very likely that they will return and not alone, but accompanied by family or friends.

In addition to this, he said that this type of event represents a projection of great benefit for Mazatlán, since it sounds on the internet through virtual communities, in Europe, South America, and the United States, which could cause the next meetings to be with a greater number of participants, even requiring stadiums to be venues, if the pandemic allows it.


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