Complaints about failures in the platform to make an appointment and regularize American cars


Since last week owners of “chocolates” vehicles enter daily but cannot get an appointment.

Sinaloa.- What was a hope to regularize their vehicles and, finally, have security in this asset, has become an ordeal for several American car owners who cannot register on the platform enabled by the Federal Government.

Álvaro “N” is one of them, who first tried to get an appointment for a Honda vehicle, but, being Japanese, he does not enter into the decree of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

But, since he also has a Ford Ranger truck, he considered that with this unit he would have no problems registering and getting the much-advertised benefit.

However, again, it was found that the system does not accept it, nor does the vehicle of a friend of his, so he is desperate before the platform is blocked.

“I tried him with a Ranger, with a Ranger that I have the same, it’s American. I said: we are going to shut him down and no, the same thing appears to me and another friend also with a Malibu, I think that is already a fault of the page, because it is not possible, no and no, it is not possible, the same story appears : that he is not eligible, the same thing appeared to me with the Ford Ranger and with my comrade’s Malibu, the same thing also appeared to him”, he told Línea Directa.

Álvaro assures that, like him, many other people want to “do things right”, and regularize their cars to have a guarantee that no authority can take them away if they drive on the road.

In his case, he has to travel from Ahome to Guasave and vice versa on a daily basis, so he wants to access the benefit and have legal certainty about his unit.


The Mazatlan Post