8-year-old children begin to consume alcohol in Sinaloa and it is the parents who induce: Uneme Capa


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In Sinaloa, it has already been detected that children from 8 years of age have already consumed their first drugs, in this case, alcohol and tobacco because they are legal, as reported by Eduardo Camacho Angulo, coordinator in Mazatlan of the Unit of Medical Specialties in Primary Care Centers in Addictions (Uneme Capa).

The specialist explained that, in the programs that are brought to public schools through talks, it is the children themselves who have opened up in revealing the consumption of their first drug, with alcohol being the main substance to be ingested, either because they saw parents do so or out of curiosity to see said substance in refrigerators like beer.

He explained that from being 14 years old the average age to experiment with alcohol, this has been decreasing and adolescent children have already had their first contact with a legal drug.

“Unfortunately, we have had cases of 8 and 9-year-old children who have already consumed alcohol, which we have detected in elementary schools where they have said that it was hidden from their parents or because the beer was left open and curiosity made them drink it by mistake. first time,” he said.

Eduardo Camacho Angulo, coordinator in Mazatlán of the Unit of Medical Specialties in Primary Care Centers in Addictions. Photos: Joel Jimenez.

Camacho Angulo also explained that family customs, and particularly those from Sinaloa, have been the reflection for minors to try their first drugs, because from being the friends who intuited to consume them, now the family has become the main factor of example for that children or minors start drinking alcohol, either at family gatherings such as birthdays, baptisms and weddings, or simply having alcohol so close to them that curiosity enters their minds.

“Well, practically all behaviors are imitable, something that is learned from the first behaviors is at home, the first thing that is imitated is mom, dad, uncles, grandparents, then in an ideal scenario it would be that we are the first to set the example, unfortunately this already comes from generation to generation and it is precisely there where we want to try to break that inheritance of substance use”, he indicated.

The coordinator of Uneme Capa in Mazatlan reported that due to these situations, greater efforts have been made to bring prevention programs to schools to make them aware of the consequences of the consumption of the first drugs, indicating that once a child is detected, young or adolescent who consumes alcohol, a series of personal therapies are initiated to prevent it from becoming an addiction.

Eduardo Camacho Angulo pointed out that it is not about demonizing alcohol consumption, but rather raising awareness of excess and what it can cause in the short term if this substance is consumed at an early age.

Source: losnoticieristas.com

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