The pain is over! Vicente Fox “Paradise” arrives in Sinaloa with products made from cannabis


It’s called Paradise and there’s everything: from creams, foods, soaps, among others, made from cannabidiol oils; the store is in Culiacán and its doors are already open to the public

Culiacan Sinaloa.- Since last Thursday, March 31, the state of Sinaloa already has a store specializing in various products made from cannabis; It’s called Paradise and it’s one of the franchises that former Mexican President Vicente Fox is part of as an investor .

This company was born in 2015 and has developed a unique concept in the hemp industry, with a philosophy of informing about responsibility when consuming derivatives of these products such as CBD oils, creams, food, soaps, body gel, and shampoo, among others. 

Additionally, it has a digital medical cabin in which Monterrey specialists attend and according to the condition, symptoms, and disease, it makes the necessary product recommendations that are used to relieve everything from pain to skin conditions. 

In some universities, a Cannabis specialty is already taught, and legislation is being sought to approve the recreational use of cannabis herb, as a medical alternative, as is done in other countries of the world. 

According to the official page, there are branches in Monterrey, Quintana Roo, and Nayarit and since San Luis Potosi last Thursday in Culiacán, Sinaloa, where the legal sale of these cannabis-based products is already a reality.

The website also highlights that Paradise’s mission is to provide consumers with legal products derived from and related to the cannabis industry with benefits in health, fun, and well-being, in authorized specialized stores with the best quality, selection, and service.

It also has a logistics service throughout Mexico through its website where you can make your purchases and it is sent directly to your home anywhere in the Mexican Republic. 

But there are not only products to relieve certain diseases, there are also products for fun such as the well-known bubbler for any smoker; It has a compact design with a 10mm inlet, and you can change the bowl for a banger (for concentrates) or even insert a pre-roll. The bubbler fits discreetly in your hand and is ideal for people looking for portability without sacrificing the quality of their experience.

They also sell organic RAW papers 1 ¼ are made from hemp, without GMOs, and have a strip of natural glue so that the cigarette is well closed. It is an extra thin paper, which means that the combustion is slow. There are also pipes of different designs and colors. 

“Legalization is imminent… Paradise’s purpose is to share the business… where you can have high returns…” reads Paradise’s website in a message from former Mexican President Vicente Fox himself, one of the maximum promoters of the legalization of marijuana. 

In Culiacán Paradise is located at Lola Beltrán number 450 Vía Plaza, local 12 in the La Conquista subdivision, do you already know her? Enter here and check their products

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