Sinaloa beaches are safe to vacation determined health authorities


Sinaloa.- To guarantee a safe vacation for Easter, the commissions for protection against health risks at the federal and state levels completed the analysis of 22 beaches in the entity, concluding that there is no danger to the health of tourists.

The head of the State Commission against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa, Luis Alonso García explained that the samples showed levels of enterococci that are well below the established limit.

“Enterococci are well below the established limit (<200 NMP/100 ml); This was thanks to the geometric mean of six samplings in each of the fixed points, resulting in safe beaches and without risk to the health of users”, he asserted.

186 samplings were carried out in 22 beaches of the entity, such as El Maviri, in Ahome; Las Glorias, in Guasave; Altata and El Tambor, Navolato; Ponce, in Culiacan; Cerritos, Golden Zone I, III, IV, VI, El Venado Island, Del Mar, North Beach, Los Pinos, Olas Altas, Isla del Chivo, Isla de la Piedra and El Cardón, in Mazatlan; Las Lupitas, Teacapán and Las Cabras-Isla del Bosque, in Escuinapa.

The objective of these pre-vacation samplings that are carried out on the main tourist beaches of Mexico is to inform if they are suitable or not for recreational use, the results being disseminated on the pages of Cofepris and state health agencies.


The Mazatlan Post