Six Flags and Costco are looking for a place to settle in Mazatlan


International and national companies are interested in relocating to Mazatlán, they are only looking for the appropriate land: CANACO

Mazatlán continues to be an attractive pole for investment, there are currently large chain companies interested in coming to settle in the town, such as the case of Costco and Six Flags, who for some years have been analyzing the possibility without specifying it yet, but still leaving the possibility of doing so in the future.

Six Flags and Costco are looking for a place to settle in Mazatlan.

The Secretary-General of the confederation of the National Chamber of Commerce, Guillermo Romero, said that the two companies, one an entertainment company and the other a commercial chain, already have positive feasibility studies, are looking for a place to settle, trying to find suitable land to bring thier investment and in the case of six flags find local partners who want to be part of the project.

In addition to these international chain companies, Mazatlan is registering investments in the real estate sector, both vertical and horizontal developments, and a lot of investment is coming for the port, the Secretary of CONCANACO pointed out.


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