Public Services will fine businesses who sell meat of dubious origin in the markets of Mazatlan


The purpose of all this is to eradicate this problem because it can become a serious public health problem, declared José David Ibarra Olmeda

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – Public Services will proceed to apply strong economic sanctions to the tenants of the municipal markets“José María Pino Suárez”“Juan Carrasco”“Miguel Hidalgo”, and the “Flores Magón”, if they are detected or surprised buying and distributing meat products of dubious origin in Mazatlan, warned José David Ibarra Olmeda .

The head of the area specified that the Commune through different directions proceeded to close three clandestine slaughter centers, and has detected three more, but the operation does not end there, now they will be vigilant so that beef or port does not arrive, of dubious origin, to the local markets.

“That they (the tenants) support us with this issue because if they clandestinely, we cannot realize it, if we do not know what origin they have for human consumption”

-In the case of detecting a merchant, what is the procedure?

“Sanctions, of course. They will be economic sanctions and if not, they will be more drastic so that the population is well because it is for the population more than anything, it has to be eradicated, ”he indicated.

The municipal official argued that the purpose of everything is to eradicate this problem because it can become a serious public health problem because the animals that are slaughtered do not have the corresponding quality or hygiene standards.


The Mazatlan Post