Mazatlan infrastructure in oblivion, the boardwalk that rusts


Despite the remodeling of the area in 2018, it is severely deteriorated due to the little maintenance received.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Despite being part of the “pretty face” of Mazatlán, the apathy on the part of the municipal authorities means that the urban steel infrastructure placed by the Malecón of Del Mar avenue is consumed by saltpeter.

The deterioration in which it is is evident, and despite this, although it is assured that there is already a comprehensive rescue program by the City Council, there is no date for its rescue to start, and the Easter period is approaching.

Last year the umbrellas that are there for people to rest in their shade were given maintenance, which consisted of painting where it was rusty, but today it is the same as before.

As part of the remodeling work on Del Mar Avenue prior to the celebration of the Tourist Tianguis that took place in Mazatlan in 2018, nearly 400 million pesos were invested.

The remodeling consisted of replacing the pavement with hydraulic concrete, all replacements for drinking water and drainage, areas of the Malecón, placement of porphyry quarry stone, perimeter bench, installation of candles, benches, lighting, gardening, grass and decorative palm trees. .

On July 15, 2021, El Sol de Mazatlán documented the carelessness in which said urban infrastructure placed by the coastal bay is. The answer, they only gave him a “cat’s hand”, white paint on the candles. The result: The saltpeter continues to wreak havoc on steel structures, especially benches.

In a tour carried out by El Sol de Mazatlán along the Malecón, from the Monument to the Family to the “Monos Bichis”, it was possible to see the abandonment of the urban infrastructure. The benches or truck stops are completely rusted, some are missing pieces of structure and where people sit could represent a risk.

The steel bins also show oblivion: rusty, without bags or a container for people to leave their garbage there, and without lids. The same happens with the structures for people to leave their bicycles.

The structures of the sails have withstood the passage of time, but on the banks, where the fastening screws are located, they are very rusty. Last year it was the only thing they painted white, like the bases. The canvases are still resistant, unlike other shelters that have expired and broken, such as the two in the Linear Park on Bicentennial Avenue.

There is a bench for resting and waiting for the urban bus located near the intersection with De Los Deportes Avenue, which leads to the Mazatlán Aquarium, where risk conditions are imminent. There a couple of Americans avoided sitting down because it was all rusty.


Questioned about the abandonment shown by the urban infrastructure of Del Mar Avenue, the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, affirmed that this is up to the municipality, but justified the fact that it is not addressed.

“And why are they careless, hasn’t that been supervised? Yes, we are, but Mazatlan is very large and we can’t keep up, we are in everything, we are in everything.”

– Do you think that for Easter they can be?

“I don’t know what day…”, he said.


Although there is no exact start date, the director of Public Services, José David Ibarra Olmeda, reported that there is already a project to rehabilitate all the containers that are from the Valentino to the North Beach, in addition to the placement of drums to attend to the demand for rubbish left by visitors, especially during the Easter period.

“We are going to start with new, modern drums, so that the workers do not have to put their hands in and that they are swings, more than anything the containers that we are going to put on the coast from Valentino to Playa Norte, made of stainless steel.”

– And those that are currently in poor condition?

“Well, they are discarded, they can be cleaned and used elsewhere, they can be reused, many can be reused and others cannot,” explained the municipal official.

Asked about when this program could start, Ibarra Olmeda stressed that they want to finish before Easter, although he clarified that it was not a sure thing.

He announced that the sails will also receive general maintenance along the coast, which is the most damaged area, while the bus stops will also be rehabilitated within this comprehensive program.

The director of Public Services rejected that maintenance has been delayed, but rather that saltpeter is very strong in that area, where no matter how strong the stainless steel material is, saltpeter is very strong.

He announced that they will assess constant maintenance, if possible twice a year so that the saltpeter does not eat up the urban infrastructure.


  • 2018 was the year in which the entire Mazatlán boardwalk was remodeled.
  • 400 million pesos was the investment made.


The Mazatlan Post