Mazatlan pulmonia drivers seek to increase rates before ester holidays


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The constant increase in gasoline, spare parts and taxes, make the activity heavier and heavier for the pulmoneros, and although there is a desire in most of the concessionaires, because the transport rate could be increased and if it is before Holy Week, it is still far from being authorized by the authority, said Mariano Ortega Vizcarra.

The president of the Pulmonías cooperative in Mazatlán said that the escalation of increases in everything, today it is very difficult for them to operate the units, which are a benchmark for the walk in the port, but what they are looking for is that at least for this next vacation period, there are not so many brakes, and the roads have greater agility and do not generate so much gasoline expense.

“Oh, well, if we would like a rate increase, with the high costs of supplies and gasoline, unfortunately we are governed by an authorized rate that has been in place since 2012, so the costs will remain the same, we have to insist In order to guarantee this, on the issue of road fluidity, we are going to seek a rapprochement there with the Secretary of Public Security, to see how measures can be taken that help us to be able to circulate a little.”

Ortega Vizcarra pointed out that one of the problems that they register the most as providers of transport services to tourists, mainly, is that the returns from Avenida del Mar are blocked, and that generates having to extend distances to turn, also generating more expense. gasoline and what to say about the Golden Zone, that sometimes the congestion is very heavy.


The Mazatlan Post