What’s happening? Five people took their lives in the last 24 hours in Sinaloa


Culiacán, Sin.- In the last 24 hours in the state of Sinaloafive people have committed suicide. Also Thursday and Friday two more people tried to do the same thing.

Unfortunately, four of them were recorded in Culiacán and one in Navolato. Most were young men between 16 and 19 years of age.

Those who, fortunately, remained in the attempt, were in the Sinaloa capital and in Los Mochis on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

five suicides

In the area of ​​apartments in the Alturas del Sur subdivision, in Culiacán, a person decided to end his life. The incident was recorded at 00:05 on Friday. It was past midnight. He was 19 years old and was identified as Jonathan.

Another case is that of Alejandra, only 18 years old and residing in the Barrancos sector, also in this city. The young woman died by suicide at the IMSS clinic in Cañadas.

One more case in the capital of Sinaloa is that of another 16-year-old adolescent from Pradera Dorada, who also took his own life.

The fourth case in Culiacán is that of another person in the San Fermín subdivision. His age is unknown.

That of Navolato is the case of a young man of only 18 years of age, a high school student at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS). He also took his own life.


This Thursday morning a man in a street situation threw himself into the tunnel of the depressed passage of Insurgentes and Francisco I. Madero, in La Canasta, in Culiacán. Fortunately, he did not manage to take his own life.

On Friday at noon, another man threatened to jump from a second-floor apartment in Los Mochis. Neighbors and rescuers managed to prevent his death because although he fell from a height of several meters, some mattresses that were placed below saved his life.

In these two attempts, they are cases of adult men. Apparently, with addiction problems.

Source: Ministry of Health of Sinaloa

Ten things parents can do to prevent suicide

1. Don’t let a teen’s depression or anxiety spiral out of control.

2. Listen to your teen, even when he’s not talking.

3. Never dismiss suicide threats as typical teenage melodrama.

4. Seek professional help immediately.

5. Share your feelings.

6. Encourage him not to isolate himself from family and friends.

7. Recommend exercise.

8. Encourage your child not to push himself too hard right now.

9. Remind a teen undergoing treatment not to expect immediate results.

10. If you have firearms in the home, store them in a safe place or move them to another location until the crisis is over.

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