In Sinaloa, 200 cosmetic clinics without permits have already been detected


The Secretary of Health in Sinaloa has declared that arduous operations have been carried out throughout the state.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- With the death of the young Paulina due to a badly performed mini lipo in Culiacán, the Secretary of Health in Sinaloa began an operation in order to detect clandestine plastic surgery clinics in the entity, with which already 200 spaces operating illegally were detected.

However, it was today that the head of the unit, Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda, announced that intense work has been carried out in Sinaloa to detect these clinics where they perform surgeries without authorization.

The foregoing, after Anahí’s family, demonstrated today in Mazatlán, one more victim of this kind of treatment, who died last Tuesday, March 15, after having injected her buttocks.

Cuen Ojeda announced that, during the reviews, 200 clinics that did not have health permits were detected, granting them a period to fix the documentation. If this deadline is not respected, these spaces will be closed.

In fact, he said that one of the luggers has already placed a closure seal upon detecting supplies related to this type of surgery.

“Logically, we are against everything that is done outside of health regulations and that is why we are treating them strongly. You have to understand that any invasive surgery, a single injection, can trigger shock in a person who is hypersensitive to any substance, ” he said.

He highlighted that in all the spaces visited, they detected that apparently these clinics only offered massage services, however, they performed surgeries irregularly.


The Mazatlan Post