Governor says ‘goodbye’ to the nudist beach proposal in Sinaloa


The nudist beach is proposed to be created in the municipality of Navolato.

MAZATLAN. – Governor Rubén Rocha Moya does not like the idea of ​​incorporating a nudist beach in Sinaloa, because from his personal point of view, there is no time for that, he even believed that it was not real.  

He mentioned that even the federal deputy, Serapio Vargas Ramírez, has already requested a meeting with him to present the project and see how to promote it to tourism, however, he maintains the idea of ​​not launching it.  

«I am not clear on the subject, personally, it may be a reason for tourism, personally, I do not know if I am very conservative, but I would not like it, once and for all that Deputy Serapio, who is my opinion,” he declared.  

According to the deputy’s latest explanations, he points out that it would be some 2 kilometers of beach in Altata Bay, Navolato, right in the area of ​​the Lucernilla Peninsula, in which he proposes to build an avenue of more than one kilometer and the real estate development on nearby land, as an attraction for international European and North American tourism. 

“I don’t think I had the time, nor the courage to go there to recreate, nor to put in, however, it is not for something personal, I simply think that there is no time for that, that is what I think,” he said.  

Vargas Ramírez has commented that the nudist beach has a section for adults over sixty years of age and another for members of the community of sexual diversity, without implying that it is intended to generate discrimination. 

He also highlighted in a video uploaded to his social networks that it is a very nice and beautiful beach, in the region of the Gulf of the Sea of ​​​​Cortez, in whose area they own an area of ​​​​four kilometers, very close to the entrance to the Altata bay.  

For the federal deputy of the PT, Leobardo Alcántara, the proposal to make a nudist beach in Navolato lacks support and legal knowledge on the part of the local deputy, Serapio Vargas, who has become famous for publicly exposing his proposal.


The Mazatlan Post