They set the example: they carry out a cleaning day at Mazatlan’s Olas Altas beach


Within the framework of the celebration of World Down Syndrome Day, children, youth and adults join the human sweep.

MAZATLAN.- With the main idea that people become aware of the importance of caring for beaches and nature, as well as to have a better environment every day, a clean-up day was carried out on the Olas Altas beach, which began at 8:00 in the morning with the participation of a large group of young people and adults.  

The director of the Municipal Youth Institute in Mazatlan, Luis Arnulfo Vargas Montes, said that this work was done in conjunction with other agencies such as Ecology, Operada de Playas, as well as Canine Therapy, the latter made up of children with different abilities.  

He indicated that the purpose of this cleaning is to raise awareness in people, in addition to collaborating with Canine Therapy, which works with children with different disabilities so that they learn from now on to be responsible people.  

“We carried out a human sweep on the Olas Altas Beach, here it is to give a message to society because if children with different disabilities can do it, and a ‘normal’ person, without complications, cannot do it, it is to make a call to all the people so that they understand that taking care of the planet is a help from all”, expressed Vargas Montes.  

Photos: Christian Bernal

For her part, the director of Ecology, Miriam Isarai Rodríguez Paniagua, said that always going out and contributing a grain of sand in cleaning is important for the entire destination; the idea is always to motivate citizens to join forces for the good of Mazatlan.  

“We can come and enjoy lunch with the family, but you have to be responsible and take care of the area, keep it clean, that’s why there are garbage containers,” said Rodríguez Paniagua  

He pointed out that many cigarette butts are still found on the beach on the shores, they have managed to collect from 700, 1,500, and up to 2,000 butts in these areas, hence it is very important to be aware and take care of the environment. 

Finally, he added that all Mazatlecos have to unite to keep the city clean and take care of nature, something that is of the utmost importance since the port is a tourist destination.  

With great enthusiasm, the children collected from PET containers, cigarette butts, glass, among other things, during the cleaning day to promote and motivate environmental culture.  


March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day.


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