What is there to do this long weekend in Mazatlan?


Check out our recommendations and make the most of your rest in Mazatlan

MAZATLAN. – Another XL weekend is coming, time to enjoy in a big way, but you don’t know what to do or where to go? Don’t worry, we tell you here. 

The city has a vast cultural, social and entertainment offer. You have no excuse to get bored on the weekend, take advantage of these options to fully enjoy Mazatlan and its surroundings.  

Visit La Noria  

La Noria is in fashion, with its flavor, its crafts, band music and a town to walk. Every Sunday, from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon, La Noria offers a gastronomic market, where you will find the best of the typical food of the region.  

In addition to being able to attend this tianguis, you can get to eat at one of its many country restaurants such as La Vaca Lupe and La Martina.  

Enjoy the Isla de la Piedra and Los Chivos 

Do you want something more tropical? La Isla de la Piedra and Isla de los Chivos are one of the tourist attractions of Mazatlan, as they have quiet beaches where you can do water sports such as swimming, riding a banana, or riding an ATV, horseback riding or simply relax in one of the restaurants. that are found on the edge of the beach while you eat an aguachile or a shaken fish. 

To get there by sea, you can do it on a tour or by crossing at one of the 2 piers that work as water taxis that take you and return you to Mazatlan for 30 pesos. 

The Isla de la Piedra Pier is located on Emilio Barragán Street and the other pier is near La Puntilla, before reaching the place where the Ferry is, the boats leave you at the beginning of the beach and from there you can walk to a restaurant or to Isla de Los Chivos.  

Go get your shaved ice in Concordia  

Visiting Concordia and not eating raspados is like not having been there. So during this weekend, take advantage of the fact that the temperatures will rise a little to be able to go for a delicious raspado, those that help quench the heat and what better than the traditional and famous ones from Concordia.  

Burnt milk, plum, peach, guava, walnut or mixed, whatever flavor you choose promises to leave a good taste in your mouth.  

The Labradas  

Do you want to recharge yourself with energy? Then Las Labradas is the ideal place for you. This coming Monday will be the spring equinox and in the place there will be: Ulama exhibitions, folkloric dance and pre-Hispanic rituals, in these rituals or ceremonies as they are called, they light incense, herbs, mount flowers and each person is cleansed of bad energies . 

A walk on the Caimanero beaches  

Playa el Caimanero, is one of the best beaches in Sinaloa, this is because they really are open sea beaches, with many virgin areas. Therefore, it makes it a very good option to visit the next long weekend. Usually, its waters are a bit cloudy, but it is still a family beach, ideal for enjoying a sunny day. 

This beach in Mexico is 40 kilometers long and is located in the municipality of El Rosario, Sinaloa, just 70 kilometers from Mazatlán. 

Watch a beautiful sunset  

In Mazatlan all its sunsets are beautiful and different, so when you go to the beach or walk its more than 20 kilometers of boardwalk, it is essential to take an excellent photo or video camera with you, we are sure that it will be an unforgettable spectacle for your eyes and your posts on Instagram will thank you.  

The boardwalk can be walked, run or on wheels in its bike path, do not forget to wear comfortable and slightly warm clothes because in the afternoon the temperature tends to drop. 

Go to the movies, watch series or rest  

The cinema is another activity that you can do, the premieres for March 2022 are the best of the best. If you haven’t seen Batman, this may be the weekend chosen to finally see this premiere, or, if you don’t want to leave home, you can watch series from the comfort of your bed or living room. We are sure that Netflix, Disney, HBO Max and Amazon will not disappoint you.  

Night life  

If you want to have some beers or drinks, you should look for a bar, if you want to dance with the hits of the moment and dance all night better look for a club and if you like the band, look for a bar or club that plays it. The important thing here is to have an amazing time.  


Have a dinner with your friends  

Yes, just like in the viral trends of TikTok, where each friend brings a meal and that’s how the banquet is set up. If you don’t want it to be dinner, you can apply it to breakfast or lunch. Of course, the chilaquiles or the roasted carnitas are not lacking. 

Attend the Mazatlan FC vs León game  

If sports is your thing, this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. you can follow the Mazatlán FC vs. Leon match live at the Kraken stadium or through a sports bar. 

Source: punto.mx

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