Have you ever wondered how much cruise passengers spend in Mazatlan


The average expense was some 70 dollars per tourist, however, in the last arrivals, the passenger is spending up to 100 dollars between souvenirs and food.

MAZATLAN. – Every week, cruise ships come and go. Hundreds of tourists decide to get off the boats and get to know Mazatlan, and even with the uncertainty of the pandemic, the spending of these visitors has managed to increase to 100 dollars per person, as reported by the Integral Port Administration, API.

Its director, Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infazón, mentioned that little by little the flow of tourists by ships is increasing and she has no doubt that, with the new cruise terminal, the number of ships will also increase, along with the spill that they will leave for the destination.  

“Until recently they had approximately seventy or eighty dollars per cruise passenger, there are some who say that it reaches up to one hundred dollars per tourist, between seventy and one hundred dollars would be what each tourist spends in a destination, cruise ships with more people are already arriving and Let’s hope that they will soon arrive full”, he declared.  

The federal official pointed out that, although Mazatlan has cruises all year round, it is from October to May when they have the largest number, therefore, it will be sought that, in the “low seasons”, more ships come, both this year and in 2023.  

“Right now we are having a good number of arrivals and I hope that we can achieve more for next year and even for this year, we are already in the last stages of starting the cruise terminal project, we are seeing how to make it more efficient commercial ship yards and that we continue to do things better,” he said.  

Ancona Infanzón added that this Wednesday three cruise ships will be arriving in the city, which are increasing their capacity every time, going from less than two thousand passengers, as happened at the beginning of the tourist reactivation.  

In recent cruises, they have registered up to 4,000 tourists per ship, thus achieving some 400,000 dollars in spills, if all the passengers got off. Ships arriving tomorrow include Norwegian Bliss, Holland America Koningdam and Carnival Cruise’s Panorama.  

Source: punto.mx

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