Rules To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Mexico


Mexico is an amazing country with a rich history, a large number of ancient sites, and breathtaking nature. As such, it’s no wonder that so many people decide to visit this nation every year. In fact, in 2021, the number of tourists choosing Mexico as their destination went as high as 31 million, bringing the country well over 18 billion US dollars in terms of revenue. As with any country, however, there are certain rules that you should keep in mind when going on a vacation to Mexico. To help you with that, below, you’ll find a shortlist of what to remember during your trip.

If You Vape, Take Precautions

This one might be confusing to tourists from the US or Europe, and because of that, it’s worth mentioning. On the one hand, Mexico is suspected of having a fairly large population of vapers, estimated at 1.2 million users. On the other hand, due to an executive order by Mexican President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador back in 2020, importing any vaping-related product into Mexico is now illegal.

Although the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that said prohibition is unconstitutional in 2021, the reality is that only the suing parties (selected vape shop owners) might continue operating. What that means is that it’s legal to use vaping products, but illegal to sell outside that small number of shops. Because of that, for vapers who want to visit Mexico, it’s better to either check beforehand if their travel destinations have legally operating vape shops or adopt the “better safe than sorry” attitude and prepare a small reserve of e-liquids to take with them. Be moderate in how much you bring so that it’s clear to everyone that it’s for your own use and not for sale.

Pay With Pesos Whenever Possible

While it’s true that many places in Mexico accept foreign currencies like US dollars, it’s not necessarily a good idea. The reason here is that as a foreign tourist, you may get unfavorable rates from the merchants.

As such, it’s much better to either exchange your money for Mexican pesos at the local bank or get an ATM card that allows foreign currency withdrawals. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy much more of what Mexico has to offer you without risking overspending and consequently making your trip less enjoyable.

Make Sure You Never Lose Your FMM

When entering the country as a tourist, you will be given what’s known as FMM, or Forma Migratoria Múltiple alongside your passport. This little sheet of paper is very important for two reasons.

First of all, it specifies the amount of time you can legally spend in Mexico as a visitor. Although in the past, it was normal for most foreign tourists to get the maximum allowed stay of 180 days, now the matter is a bit different. It’s quite common to be given only a month or a few weeks instead of the desired half a year, so always keep your FMM close to remembering the date you have to leave.

Secondly, FMM is required both when you leave the country and when subjected to checks by the INM – Mexico’s immigration service. Failing to have it on hand in those situations can result in a fine, so make sure you don’t lose or leave it.

Always Get Travel Insurance

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re traveling as safely as possible. If you have travel insurance, you will have your medical expenses covered if you get ill or have an accident while climbing the breathtaking Sierra Madre peaks.

But treatment cost is only one of the things that travel insurance protects you from. There are countless others like a trip interruption, baggage coverage, and sometimes even damage to rented property, e.g., a car you paid for to move around the country. All in all, the versatility of travel insurance makes it an absolute must-have when going to Mexico.

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