2,500 pesos? Regularization of chocolate cars in Sinaloa could cost 7,500 pesos


Carlos López, an American car salesman in Culiacán, pointed out that the increase of 5 thousand pesos is speculated, due to the payment of decals and license plates.

CULIACAN. When it became known that Sinaloa joins the states that enter the decree that authorizes the regularization of vehicles of foreign origin, Carlos López, who sells American cars in Culiacán, pointed out that the cost of the procedure could be 7 thousand 500 pesos and not 2 thousand 500 as has been announced.

He explained that it is a comment that has been made among those who are dedicated to the sale of cars of this type, because not only will the 2,500 be paid to regularize, but, in addition, they must pay for the plate and the decal, whose cost varies, depending on unit model.

“It was said that they were going to charge 2,500 but I have heard talks, it is nothing concrete, but supposedly I have heard that I think they are going to charge 7,500 and it would not be the 2,500 that were supposedly going to charge to benefit for everything This pandemic thing, so that the state would be helped, the economy would not be as dragged as it is, the people that we do not have, do not pay as much but supposedly they have already raised the 5, who knows those are myths they have told me ”.

On the other hand, he pointed out that although it will be a benefit for those low-income people who are looking for a car in good condition at a low price, now the owner will have to make a calca payment every year, when before they only paid the price of registered.

Source: adnportal.mx

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