“With a legalized car I am going to avoid so much police abusive” says owner of an American car


The owner of an American Honda Civic 2010, affirms that the cars coming from the US are better cared for and are even of better quality than the national ones.

CULIACÁN.- Óscar Rodríguez, bought a pre-owned Honda Civic 2010, and is currently driving his vehicle after having registered it, since it is of foreign origin, however, he is already thinking of legalizing it.

After it became known that Sinaloa will be one of the entities where cars of foreign origin can be legalized, Óscar points out that this represents an advantage, at least when it comes to driving, since he points out that many elements of Traffic, very bullies.

He commented that there are already many occasions when the Transit elements stop him and try to take money from him when they see that the car does not have the Sinaloa license plates and the papers that a national vehicle regularly has.

Óscar pointed out that now he will be able to circulate without major complications, in a car that he said, being from the United States, is more careful and is even of higher quality than a pre-owned Mexican one

Source: adnportal.mx

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