Will there be the traditional Fiesta del Mar de las Cabras?


EsCUINAPA.- Luis Alfonso Torres Medina, Secretary of the City Council of Escuinapa, assured that they can no longer postpone the preparations for the Fiestas del Mar de las Cabras due to the time applied in logistics, so they will begin shortly and can be sent to make the bowers.

He mentioned that in case of force majeure and the City Council cancels the beach parties, 100 percent will have to be reimbursed to those who have already paid for their bower.

“We are legally obliged to make the reimbursement,” he said.

For his part, Jesús Ramón Contreras Sandoval, director of Public Works and Services, indicated that work is being done on the construction of the huts.

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“The intention is to beat time, because if there is permission we cannot start later, for now they are building the warehouse and the house where they (workers) stay, this week they are going to hire personnel and acquire material for the arbors, anticipating that there could be some indications from the Secretary of Health of the State of Sinaloa and the Municipal Health Council, “he said.

He indicated that in the planning it is contemplated to make 723 bowers and 50 commercial positions, he assured that he would not make much progress in 15 days.

Anuncian fechas de las Fiestas del Mar de las Cabras 2020

“It’s just a start, it’s gaining time because it takes two and a half months to make the bowers in their entirety.”

He pointed out that the investment ranges from one and a half million pesos in terms of operating expenses; fixing the bathrooms, putting transformers, power lines, and other expenses such as garbage collection where residents of the Forest Island syndicate are employed.

For his part, Mario Alberto Campos Regalado, deputy director of income, pointed out that the cost of the arbors is 1,650 pesos and for businesses, the price is 4,000 pesos.

He stressed that a month will be respected so that people come to pay for their bower, then it will be offered to give more families the opportunity to live the experience of the maximum parties of Escuinapa.

“Starting tomorrow, March 8, special events staff will attend inside the municipal palace, doing the logistics and channeling to the cashier area, in the Treasury.”

For his part, Jorge Rivera commented that, on Friday, March 11, the call to elect the Queens and King of Goats 2022 will be announced, there will be synergy with the Municipal Institute of Culture and the Academy of Studio X in charge of the councilor Ximena Moreno. He added that the adhesion of other academies is not ruled out.

At the end of the conference, a neighbor named Leticia Polanco Durán appeared in the council room to purchase 10 huts, indicating that they are for the family, more than a hundred gather to experience the traditional Las Playas festivities.

He mentioned not being afraid because they will take into account the safety and health measures implemented by the Municipal Government.

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