Who regulates Mazatlan parachutes and what happened to the tourist who fell 15 meters? (video)


Due to this accident, the Attorney General’s Office in the State of Sinaloa opened an investigation folder to determine what happened, reported the PC coordinator, Eloy Ruíz Gastélum.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Who regulates parachutes? Civil Protection of Mazatlán was clear, and said that the Port Authority and Semarnat are the two bodies in charge of delivering the permits and verifying that each of these tourist service providers comply with all the security devices and mechanisms, this after the last recorded events where a tourist, originally from Durango, fell from a height of around 15 meters and everything was recorded on a video, which went viral through social networks. 

The PC coordinator, Eloy Ruíz Gastélum, clarified that, due to this accident, the Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation folder to determine what happened and in what happens, the Port Captain’s Office and the personnel in charge of it will review each one of the parachutes, in order to prevent a similar situation and more so because Easter is approaching.  

“We have reports that the person is already in his hometown that the person is already in his hometown, he is still under medical observation, since the injuries he presented are something of a consideration.

“There is an investigation in the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE), let’s remember that the regulation of this type of activity is the responsibility of two instances; one is the Port Authority and the other is Semarnat, to give the operating permit… and look, well, it’s an accident and the Prosecutor’s Office will determine if it was a human or technical error, ”he declared. 

Cae turista de paracaídas en Mazatlán (video)

The head of the corporation commented that Civil Protection is not empowered to suspend or restrict the activity of parachutes, that only Port Captaincy. But he will be very vigilant to avoid accidents or any situation that puts tourists and locals at risk.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com, punto.mx, tvpacifico.mx

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