Mazatlan mayor with “Personal Expenses” for 819 Million Pesos, Says Deputy Juan Torres


There is information that the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, spent more than 819 million pesos on “personal expenses”, resources that he must verify, the federal deputy of Morena, Juan Torres, said in the interview, after accompanying a press conference for the PT legislator, Gerardo Fernández Noroña.

He stated that not verifying these resources, “he will be guilty, then I will report him to the Administrative Court.”

From the Fonda del Chalio, deputy Torres indicated that in November he sent a letter to the Superior Auditor of the Federation and the head of the Evaluation and Control Unit, who is in charge of verifying federal public resources, and in 2020 the federal auditor finds diversion of resources in Mazatlan of 819 million pesos.

On that date, it was justified that “these are personal expenses and it cannot be that a mayor has such an exorbitant amount for those expenses. Where did all that money come from, surely it came from another branch; there we are seeing a diversion of resources…”

Deputy Torres in his investigation says that he was informed that Mayor Benítez had until January 10 to justify those resources, we do not know if he has already justified those expenses, while the Superior Audit of the Federation has until May to rule on what is appropriate.


The Mazatlan Post