The beaches of Mazatlan were among the cleanest for this 2022 edition of Carnival


In the past, during the Mazatlan International Carnival, the beaches were always the dirtiest, but this year was the exception, even when thousands of locals and tourists came to enjoy the ultimate party at sea.

Prior to the development of this maximum party, a cleaning day was carried out in the bathing areas throughout the beach that makes up the Olas Altas promenade and the boardwalk, and at the end, it was found that they were kept almost clean, something that merchants on foot of beach they thank a lot.

People from all over the world took care of the sea responsibly during their stay in it, something that had not happened in previous years, since there was tourism that consumed but did not dirty.

In addition, merchants who work near the sea expressed that their commitment to this being their work area, will always be to clean up after carrying out their daily tasks, to guarantee that Mazatlán continues to be a sustainable and pollution-free tourist destination.


The Mazatlan Post