Producers give added value to Sinaloa shrimp


The Producers of the Sea Market of Mexico sells peeled, deveined, and frozen deep-sea shrimp in self-service chains in the United States with good results.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The pandemic has even changed the way shrimp is sold, so marketers have had to look for new alternatives, revealed Miguel Rousse Acosta.

The director of the Comercializadora Productores del Mar de México, stated that, with the confinement, the restaurants closed and had to add value to the shrimp and be able to enter the self-service chains in the United States, where sales increased by 200%

” Three years ago we began to migrate from the shrimp market, which normally accommodates the restaurant that buys from you, the market stores it and already has its product very well frozen, stored away, but right now we are migrating to the niche of the self-service channel that taught the Covid,” he said.

He explained that in addition to selling the label of two kilos or five pounds of shrimp, added value was given, one or two kilos of peeled, deveined and frozen shrimp were presented in bags with good results, last year about 350 thousand pounds in 10 containers.

” We are making a presentation of peeled, deveined, individual bagged frozen shrimp and we are selling to certain self-service chains to take advantage of that boom in demand that is taking place in that market niche and that pays constantly, they try to maintain the same price and that gives you certainty because the value of the product is not so volatile, “he said.

Rousse Acosta pointed out that in this season that is about to end, large sizes are very low, mainly blue shrimp, which is the most sought after by the American market, productions are medium to small.

He recalled that on the first trip the catches were in sizes of shrimp, it was U/15 and 16/20, the latter predominating more, currently it is 21/25 but mostly 26/30, which means that it is averaging from medium to small.


The Mazatlan Post