Mazatlan will promote the city with a new MZT logo


The Municipal Government is waiting for the authorization of the registration presentation before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property

Mazatlan. – The request for the registration of the MZT brand before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, on behalf of the Mazatlán City Council, aims to strengthen the promotion of this tourist destination, assured the Municipal President, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

$!El Gobierno de Mazatlán pide el registro como marca comercial de ‘MZT’

The Chemist commented that the Municipal Government is awaiting a response from the IMPI, which may take between four and six months, once the paperwork and requirements have been met, and added that when they obtain the mark, it will be used in the Mazatlan projection.

“It is part of the global strategy that we have for the promotion of Mazatlan, making it known with the MZT brand registration. Surely they have seen how well Guanajuato is doing with the GTO, how well Mexico City is doing with CDMX, well, it’s the same, it’s the same strategy, we’re going to strengthen it so that whoever sees MZT knows that it’s Mazatlan.”

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Benítez Torres was questioned as to whether said registry is in his name. “No, I would never do such base things, I have principles and I am moral people,” he replied.


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