Mazatlan will receive about 20 cruise ships in March


Only the month of spring will receive 5 more arrivals than the month of love, estimating a good bonanza for the destination.

MAZATLÁN.- The month that gives rise to spring will bring with it more cruises from different shipping companies, following the path of the bonanza that is coming to Mazatlán this 2022 with 19 scheduled arrivals, according to the Integral Port Administration.  

This is 5 more arrivals than those that arrived during this month, estimating that, in the following months of the season, they will increase to more until it ends, and when it resumes again, the shipping companies look for Mazatlan to arrive more days.  

Only in the first week of the month, there is the arrival of 4 cruise ships: on March 1, the Majestic, of the Princess Cruise Line, will arrive; for March 2, the arrival of 2 ships is estimated, the Panorama of the Carnival Cruise Line and the Koningsdam of the Holland America line; in addition to one more arrival, on March 3, the Norwegian Cruise ship Bliss.  

This same dynamic will be repeated throughout the second week of the month and for the third, only on March 16, the Panorama ships of the Carnival Cruise Line and the Koningsdam of the Holland America line will arrive.  

During the week of March 21-27, the Navigator ship from the Royal Caribbean Cruise shipping line will be added, followed by the Majestic the next day, the Panorama on Wednesday, as usual, and the Bliss from Norwegian Cruise Line.  

From the 28th to the 31st, three ships will enter the port early in the morning, they are the Navigator, the Panorama and the Bliss; however, this week, on Wednesday, a new ship will be added to the list, it is the Discovery Princess of the Princess Cruise line.  

It will close February with a national cruise 

The Vidanta ship, from the line with the same name, will be the one to close the month of February, being its first route of the year, after the pandemic. This is the only national cruise that crosses Pacific waters promoting Mexican ports.  


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