Pulmonia drivers could ‘lose out’ due to lack of open streets during Carnival


Although historically it has always been a problem on the roads, this time logistics will further complicate transfers

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Although it is true, the arrival of the carnival in Mazatlán is synonymous with economic growth, which could be translated as a gain for each sector of the port, however, due to the modifications in the roads this year, the pulmonia guild could be affected.

In an interview for Informative Reaction, Mariano Ortega Vizcarra, leader of the Pulmonías Cooperative of Mazatlán, reported that historically it has been difficult to work during the days that the carnival celebration covers, however, this time it could be even more so because due to the logistics of the roads that will be suspended, the work of the union members will be “very complicated.”

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“For us it has always been very difficult to work in Carnival due to the closures that are made of the roads because we all know that Olas Altas is closed from Thursday to Tuesday, but also on Sunday and Tuesday the boardwalk is practically closed all day,” referred.

“Where do we circulate? The boardwalk is a main artery, we have very few alternate avenues. It is going to be very desperate to provide a service from the Golden Zone to the Center or to Olas Altas”, he added.

He also commented that, due to the health contingency, they will be relying on health measures since there will be many people who will be passing through the port, which could put the health of the pneumonia operators and their families at risk.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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