In Culiacán there is always sushi at hand: 73% live a 5-minute walk from the nearest one


Twitter user Emmanuel Espinoza (@El_Manny) used the MxSIG data platform of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) which is used to generate geographic information systems to carry out a very curious query, at the request of other users. That is, how many sushi are there within a 5-minute walk from anywhere in the city?

The result left many users of social networks surprised because almost three-quarters of Culiacan residents, 73%, have an establishment that sells this dish 5 minutes or less away from their homes.

73% of the inhabitants of Culiacán live less than 5 minutes from a sushi establishment.

It is a clear example of the preferences for sushi of the inhabitants of the city and the boom that this type of business has found in recent years in Culiacán.

Other curious maps that were found within the same Twitter “thread” and that inspired the analysis were the following:

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In Mexico City, 94% of the population lives less than 5 minutes from a taqueria.


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