Mexican industry leaders come to Mazatlan


For two days, business leaders from at least 7 states in the country will get to know the MZT Logistic Center, the MZT Aerospace Park and will work on a common agenda for the next presidency of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry

MAZATLAN. – The jewel in the crown of the industry, is what they are calling Mazatlan with the development that is coming in the north of the port derived from the USMCA. Yes, we are talking about the MZT Logistics Center and the Aerospace Park, and to learn more about this, the top of the Mexican industry from the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry will come to verify it.  

Iván Picos, director of Canacintra Mazatlán, explained that, for two days, these businessmen will tour various projects that are being developed, they will also have workshops and meetings where they will propose and work on the alignment of the national vision of the chamber.  

“We are going to work on linking the objectives in the vision of Canacintra in the future, what goes in José Antonio Centeno’s work plan, will be a SWOT-style workshop, where each of the delegations is going to align the projects to reach a final result,” he declared.  

Why Mazatlan? 

The director of Canacintra at the local level expressed that, in addition to being a tourist destination par excellence, it is an example of the industrial growth that everyone is talking about and that investors of this level, come and meet, speak of the interest in joining the Projects. 

“Many things come together, that there is already an important industry, we have a fishing, naval, tourism industry, various that have been generated, and in recent years we have worked with the logistics sector, there is a lot of interest in detonating this sector”, He said.  

Among their activities, Canacintra explained that on Thursday morning they will visit the projects of the MZT Logistics Center, as well as the Aerospace Park, from there they will concentrate at The Inn hotel in workshops to exchange dialogue and thus align the projects by delegations and cities with regarding the plan that Centeno Reyes, the next national president, will bring.  

“In the last year and a half, we have seen that companies and entrepreneurs from different places, especially from Durango and Torreón in the state of Coahuila, are investing in projects here, because they are clear that many things are going to move here, everything that is going to permeate everything in the corridor,” he added.  

People from

California, Baja California Sur, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Nayarit, Mexico City and Veracruz, in addition to the regional presidencies of Sinaloa, thus adding more than 25 cities concentrated in a workshop.  

With this, he said, Mazatlán will add even more to what it will represent for Mexico with the arrival of the USMCA corridor, which will be the entry and exit gate for merchandise products, both import and export, and thus move them with even more easily, at latitudes of the national territory.  

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