Businesses suspended in Mazatlan for failing to comply with alcohol license violations


This weekend there were 17 infractions and the first three business suspensions were recorded for recurring violations.

Mazatlan Sinaloa-. This weekend there were 17 infractions, mainly due to extension of hours and licenses and the first three suspensions of business due to recidivism have already been registered, reported the Senior Official, Nayla Velarde Narváez.

She indicated that these three place suspensions are restaurants.

The municipal official stressed that the sanitary protocols are going well in the revised businesses, where they are abiding by the instructions, so this time there were two extensions of hours and one for alcohol licenses.

“Today I had a meeting at 9:00 in the morning with the colleagues from Canaco, it was a very attractive meeting where we once again reinforced the measures, they are asked for their support, since more than 15,000 affiliated businesses depend on them, among many of them belong to our line of business and we returned to the topic of sanitary measures, reinforcements and the theme of Carnival, which, as you saw last Saturday, we had the first event of the queens’ elections, complying with the necessary protocols in entrances and exits. ” , she stated.

Velarde Narváez explained that even though last week only two infractions were recorded and this weekend there were 17, it was because this time they were extensions of hours, and everything must have been due to the date, since February 14 fell on a Monday. and many couples took advantage of the weekend for dinners and events and businesses exceeded their schedules.

She added that these businesses were awarded a fine ranging from 100 pesos to 16 thousand pesos, depending on the offense.


The Mazatlan Post