Mazatlan about to settle debt to Arhe Group for Nafta Lubricants case


There are 141.8 million pesos that the municipality finally had to pay by order of a judge, a debt that had been dragging since 2012

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The secretary of the Mazatlán City Council, Edgar González Zatarain, announced that the debt of 141.8 million pesos to the Arhe group, due to the Nafta lubricants case, is about to be settled.

“It remains only to see the issue of some taxes that they requested in exchange for the account. So, today we add that part and get the final account of how it turns out, but almost there we are closing accounts, it will be anything if we owe or owe us, “he explained.

Commune about to settle debt to Arhe group for Nafta Lubricants case

González Zatarain acknowledged that the month of February would be the deadline to reach a payment agreement, the date on which the debt would be settled, and apparently, finally, it will be so.

“Today we are going to check the income and balance everything, today we have to do all the calculations and finally on Monday we will be presenting the treasurer’s proposal and a server with the mayor to see how the accounts turned out and make the addendum next Monday”, ratified.

The local official explained that with this procedure that part would be finalized and the page is turned in the sense that the accounts reach that far, taking those agreements.

The Nafta case dates back to February-March 2012, when the City Council authorized a land-use opinion and a permit in favor of the company Nafta Lubricantes, to build a gas station in the Palos Prietos neighborhood.

Since it could not be built due to an amparo ruling, the company filed a lawsuit against the City Council, which it won in June 2016, for which the municipality was left with a debt of 141,802,000 pesos, for damages in favor of Nafta, which began to pay last year, in cash and with some land and properties.


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