Elota seeks to preserve the distinction of “Clean Sustainable Beach” of Playa Ceuta


The deputy director of Ecology and Environment, Álvaro Meza Jacobo mentioned that they have worked to preserve the certification, for this reason, he also called on citizens not to throw garbage.

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Elota, Sinaloa.- In order to maintain the ” Clean Sustainable Beach ” certification, personnel from the Elota City Council‘s Department of Ecology carried out a cleaning day in the section of the Sea Turtle Sanctuary on Ceuta beach.

Álvaro Meza Jacobo, deputy director of the municipal agency and in charge of the Clean Beaches Program, emphasized that the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification AC is about to carry out the sampling in place to determine if the area will retain the distinctive.

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“There are requirements that need to be met for us to conserve that distinction of ‘Clean Sustainable Beach’, later, the personnel that come from the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification AC would come to carry out the check, they would notify us a few days before and they would also inform us if we qualified. , that we are working very hard to achieve it because we are very interested in this topic”.

Meza Jacobo, indicated that with the cleaning, about 150 kilos of solid waste were collected, being mostly plastic and tree branches thrown by the waves of the sea, and stressed that the cleaning work will continue in Celestino Gazca beach and communities of Elota.

He called on citizens not to throw garbage in the streets, highways, and public spaces, as they increase pollution problems and become sources of infection against public health.

The municipal official added that the photographic and video evidence has already been delivered to the institute, thus complying in a timely manner with the required dates.

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