“Do not open the doors to covid infections,” insists the director of Mazatlan’s General Hospital


As a specialist, Carlos Verdugo Hernández pointed out that the celebration of the Carnival would generate a new wave of infections.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The decrease in hospitalizations of patients with COVID-19 should not be a door that opens to the relaxation of the people and the authorities that allow the Mazatlán Carnival to take place, which, due to its magnitude, would bring together hundreds of thousands of people at the events, declared Carlos Leonel Verdugo Hernández.

The director of the “Martiniano Carvajal” General Hospital in Mazatlan insisted on the risk that young people go to events implies for the elderly population since the average number of infected people is approximately 72 years old.

“One cannot intercede there, one simply and simply gives the indications and recommendations to the citizens, it is being seen that the numbers of cases and patients are occurring in the elderly, what is happening, you You are young, you go and there will always be an older person in your house, it is the main point, the critical point that we must take care of”.

He specified that even with the changes that could be made, the Mazatlán Carnival could generate a new wave of infections, although the advantage would be that the cases are not so strong, the risk exists for patients with other types of diseases. 

Verdugo Hernández, explained that this Tuesday the number of hospitalized people fell from 23 to 10, of which, a pregnant woman who gave birth over the weekend, is recovering from the virus, in addition, he stressed that none of the sick he is intubated, but two of them are delicate and connected to oxygen.

Regarding the supply of medicines, although for some ailments there has been a battle, for the patients who attend the clinic with COVID-19, he asserted that they have been fulfilled.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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