7 places you must visit in Mazatlan


In Mazatlan and don’t know where to go? Here we give you 7 options to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Mazatlan Observatory 1873

It is a site located at the top of Cerro Vigía on Paseo Centenario, made up of a mansion with architecture similar to a castle, which inside houses an object that is more than 100 years old.

One of its most striking attractions is the Funicular, a kind of railway that runs 80 meters to the top of the observatory, with incredible views of the ocean and its surroundings.

In addition, at the top, you will find beautiful gardens, an aviary, and viewpoints with panoramic views of the entire port.

Pirate Mansion 

It is a fully themed living museum, unique in Latin America. During your visit, you will be guided by a pirate, who will explain the pirate history of the port in a fun and entertaining way, with interactive activities in which you will be part of history in a tour for the whole family.

This site is located in the Historic Center of Mazatlan, in an old restored English farm. Here you will find a large collection of pirate objects, stories, and attractions that will make your visit unique.

Shell Museum

Shells and snails of all types, sizes, colors and shapes as far as the eye can see, is what you will find when you visit the Mazatlan Shell Museum (Sea Shell City Museum), an icon of the port unknown to many visitors. 

They have the exhibition of an original diver’s suit, used by the United States Navy in the 19th century. But one of its most incredible attractions is the shell fountain, unique in Mexico, a monumental work created entirely by shells. of all sizes placed by hand, the perfect background for incredible photographs.

This site is located along Av. Playa Gaviotas 407 in the Golden Zone, in front of the Las Flores hotel and the square where Los Panchos Restaurant is located. Admission is free, you can admire its vast collection of shells and as a souvenir of your visit do not forget to buy some of the handicrafts, shells and snails that they offer as souvenirs.

Mazatlan Penguinarium 

This site is the most recent attraction of the Mazatlan Aquarium, it is considered the largest penguin colony in Mexico. It is home to 10 penguins of the Humboldt species, which in its natural state inhabits the Pacific Ocean along the coast of Peru and Chile.

The penguinarium is made up of 188 m2 distributed in an exhibition area with a main pond, where visitors can appreciate and even feed these little ones, and an educational area called the Humboldt Sanctuary.

Huana Coa Adventure 

Located half an hour from Mazatlán, in the vicinity of the town of La Noria, is Huana Coa Canopy & Adventure, an ecotourism park where you can enjoy the adrenaline of adventure sports, the tranquility of nature and the tasting of the best tequila created in the region.

Huana Coa is part of the Vinata de Los Osuna grounds, a natural paradise surrounded by mountains, vegetation, and a tropical climate. One of its main attractions is the zip line tour, made up of 12 platforms and nine stainless steel lines, which together reach a kilometer in length, crossing the jungle and blue agave plantations.

On this site, you can practice other sports such as hiking, kayaking, and ATV rides, with fun for the whole family, since the entire tour is guided by an expert and trained personnel, with strict safety regulations to make your trip perfect.

Deer Island 

Isla Venados is the largest island on the horizon of Mazatlan, it is the ideal place to enjoy water sports and the natural beauty that surrounds it.

It is made up of several beaches where visitors can snorkel, kayak or simply swim in its calm and blue waters.

It is located a little over two kilometers from the coast and can be reached by boat, swimming, kayaking or renting a yacht or trimaran.

The Creston Lighthouse 

At 157 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest points in the port. Reaching the top is quite a challenge, in a journey that lasts about 30 minutes passing through 754 meters of dirt and climbing more than 300 steps, but when you reach the top, a great reward awaits, with beautiful landscapes of the Olas Altas Beaches, North Beach, Isla de las Aves, Isla Venados and Isla de las Cabras.

One of its most striking attractions is the glass viewpoint, which is 20 meters long and faces west, the ideal place to take incredible panoramic photos.

This site is excellent for adventure tourism, ideal for those who like hiking, walking, or simply for a walk and enjoy the incredible landscapes. Some alternative activities that can be carried out in this place are: Observation of flora and fauna, environmental education workshops and photographic excursions.

Source: estoessinaloa.com

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