Mazatlan hoteliers suggest an annual plan for the promotion of room tax


If there is a plan and Mazatlán is used as an anchor for the other municipalities, the stays would be longer and the income would be better, said José Ramón Manguart Sánchez

MAZATLAN.- Before balancing what is collected from the Lodging Tax, it is necessary to put together a strategic plan that works for the promotion of the state in tourism matters, find out what will be the points to spread, temporalities and thus enrich that 3 percent that is collected from such a tax, was how the hoteliers in Mazatlan agreed.  

This after the Ministry of Tourism reported that it will seek to balance that 3 percent that is collected in the 18 municipalities, in order to diversify the tourist offer and that both Magic Towns and Stately Towns benefit from the tourism that visits Mazatlan throughout the year.  

José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, president of the “Tres Islas” Hotel Association, agrees that what tourists are looking for today is something more than sun and beach, therefore, he will propose a strategy project so that Mazatlan is the place upon arrival and during your stay, you may be offered or have the opportunity to visit the other municipalities, with the main objective of seeking to extend your stay.  

“What is being sought is that the average number of nights of stay is greater, to the extent that we can cover the sun and beach with greater diversification, the stay increases. Surely there will be dimension, the important thing is that there is a promotion agenda because last year we had no promotion”, he declared.  

He argued that promotion is the engine of tourism and to the extent that the destination is present, along with its attractions, the markets will think of Mazatlan.  

For his part, José Gámez Valle, marketing director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan, said that the annual plan is the best way to work when it comes to promotion, both in the national and international markets, and although sometimes the 3 percent resource is not enough, partners are required to help.  

“An annual plan is made for promotion, travel, marketing, public relations, agreements with commercial partners for cooperative campaigns, it is a lot of work, an amount is determined and based on that, work is done, in fact, the resource of 3 percent cent is not enough for anything, that’s why we look for commercial partners to be able to tie”, he said.  

Together they agreed that an exercise is needed, to translate it into a document where the Sectur wants to go with said promotion strategy, what the objective is, and on that it works.  

Currently, 80 percent of the resource collected from the Lodging Tax comes from Mazatlán, the rest is received from Ahome, Culiacán and the other municipalities.  


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