Illegal billboards in Mazatlan will be removed


In the last three years, 400 owners of billboards have been fined

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In Mazatlán, advertising towers have been demolished, especially from those people reluctant to regularize themselves and for wanting to ” do things on their own,” said Planning Director Jorge Estavillo Kelly.

He said that putting up a billboard is very easy to install, in one night or a weekend they do it, but they are detected and they have gone to remove it.

 There are some that are many years old, that already have acquired rights and it is a little more complicated to remove them, but it is being done in the same way,” he said.

The municipal official reported that in the first period of this administration, 400 advertisements that were without permits were fined, most of them were per day.

“ There are others outright who could no longer be here and withdrew .”

-Which advertisements?

“ Advertisements for the brewery that were on public roads and bye-bye, those that were on public roads. There was an announcement on Del Mar Avenue that we suspended them, we gave them a deadline, that they remove them, and if they do not remove them on their own, we go to confiscation, which is what comes after suspending, ”explained Estavillo Kelly.

He added that most of the owners of the advertisements seek protection, which gives them time to resolve their situation, although in the end they do not proceed because they placed them without permission and no judge can force the Planning Department to keep something that It is wrong and does not comply with the regulations.

The Director of Planning indicated that all those spectacular advertisements that are indelible or that were placed illegally, are the ones that can represent a risk for the citizenry in the event of a meteorological phenomenon, although he considered that they are counted, in addition to being asked to all owners who must have damage insurance in case it is necessary.


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