Mazatlan ecology will fine lot owners for vacant lot abandonment


More than 200 fines have been carried out since July 1, 2021, the date on which Miriam Rodríguez took office as head of Municipal Ecology

MAZATLAN.- One of the most latent problems experienced by the port in recent years has been the garbage that is thrown in vacant lots, and which is becoming more and more frequent in each of the port’s neighborhoods, which mainly causes contamination, accidents, and bad smells. 

The director of Ecology in Mazatlán, Miriam Isaraí Rodríguez Paniagua, indicated that so far in her management at the head of the department, she has recorded more than 200 fines applied to the owners of the different vacant lots that do not keep their spaces in good condition. . 

She stressed that it is not up to them to keep them clean, since it is private property, although the owners are always sought to keep them in optimal conditions or fenced to prevent them from becoming a source of infection or contamination problem. 

“The citizens who own the vacant lots are the first and only responsible for cleaning, we as citizens have the obligation not to throw garbage, not because we see an area that is not fenced or sees itself, we should not use dumpsters” , indicated Isaraí Rodríguez. 

The official indicated that the owners are always searched in the Catastro, if they have any other place to notify, but if not, the report is passed for the corresponding sanction, be it the catastro, or to Revenue or to a civic judge. 

She added that other complaints by society are due to the noise that is experienced especially in the Golden Zone, Historic Center, as well as in neighborhoods. 


The Mazatlan Post