Mazatlecos invest their money in small and medium businesses


In addition to the real estate boom, a phenomenon is emerging that is gradually taking place in the port, that of these commercial spaces, which are not as large as shopping malls, but are an opportunity to undertake, said the president of Canaco Mazatlan.

MAZATLAN. – The Mazatlán phenomenon does not stop, in addition to the construction of hotels, restaurants, condominium towers, and subdivisions, the trend of new shopping malls is coming strong for 2022.  

Roberto Lem González, president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mazatlan, mentioned that some of these places are growing, mainly in the northern area of ​​the port, becoming an opportunity for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businessmen.  

“What we have seen a lot is the growth of small squares, small shopping centers, where many of them offer their commercial premises for sale, others for rent, we know that Mazatlán is growing in development, Mazatlán has not stopped. ”, he declared.  

Along with these new opportunities for stores, Lem González pointed out that it helps to generate a greater number of jobs, bringing certainty to the working class that is getting ahead in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

“We are betting on the generation of jobs and above all, because it generates stability, well-being and we keep busy, we keep working and the security rates remain low, due to the same generation of jobs that is coming,” he said.  

For the president of Canaco Mazatlán, these shopping malls are meeting the demand of the same population, which is increasing, both local and people from outside who are thinking of living in the destination.  

What happened to Costco?  

Lem González explained that there is no news of the arrival of the wholesale and self-service store Costco since they only came to carry out market studies, mapping, and cost analysis to see if it is convenient for them to open a place in Mazatlan or not.  

“The self-service stores and especially the department stores or price clubs, we were aware that they came to Mazatlán, until then, we did not give an opening date either because we do not bring it, but we do know that they were in Mazatlán and doing a reconnaissance and market study,” he added.  

This news had come out at the end of 2021, however, the municipal planning authorities indicated in that same final week of last year, that there was no request for permission to build a Costco store.  


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