How much would the new port and the railway between Sinaloa and Durango cost?


The participation of a North American company that is in the elaboration of the project to detonate this economic dream of the region would be added.

Four billion dollars are estimated to be invested in the new cargo port, in addition to the railway connection between Sinaloa and Durango to strengthen the northern economic corridor within the USMCA, once the sum of all is completed declared José Rosas Aispuro.

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The Governor of Durango shared that recently the Secretary of Communication and Transport notified one of the participating companies of North American origin, the intention of adding it to this important project, that although the work is estimated to be long-term, it is necessary to involve all parts, not only of his state but of Sinaloa.

“It is a huge investment, there is talk of a new company, he has not wanted to talk about a specific amount because right now they are precisely developing the project, but there is talk of more than 4 billion dollars, that is the base that it gives, that we played, right now it is an option in Estación Dimas”.

The State Executive of Durango said that the projects are firm, and that will have to be specified in the future, in order to give greater exploitation to the productive activities of Sinaloa and take advantage of the benefits provided by the highway that connects to the American Union.


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