It’s official! Yes, there will be a popular consultation to decide whether or not Mazatlan’s Carnival will proceed


The Mayor Benítez Torres, assured this morning that the popular consultation is going and it will be this Sunday, January 30

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – This Sunday will not be just any day and it is that Mazatlecos will once again have the power to decide through a citizen consultation whether or not to carry out the International Carnival of Mazatlán this year.

The municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced this morning that it will be next Sunday the 30th when the survey will be carried out to ask for the opinion of the people of Mazatlan on whether or not the maximum celebration of the Mazatlecos will take place this year.

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“That’s what we’re doing, designing the consultation, we’re already lobbying it with businessmen, merchants and organizations. We are going to include all the people; It will probably be Sunday,” he confided.

Benítez Torres said that the logistics for this day are still being worked on, but it will surely be similar to last year’s, where the cancellation of the Carnival was also chosen through this same process.

“You are going to see different modules, we are going to inform the population, people will be able to vote with a voter card or official identification. I don’t know the details right now, but it’s a fact that it’s going to be next Sunday,” he said.

The city assured that the modules of reception of votes would be opened in several points of the city and the result will be given once the day concludes and after the vote count.

Consultation for the Mazatlan Carnival is a farce says Health Secretary Cuen

After the municipal president of Mazatlán, the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres confirmed that a citizen consultation will be held this Sunday, in which the realization of the carnival is defined, the Secretary of Health of Sinaloa, Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda, said that the query can be made but it’s not legal.

“These types of things do not cease to be occurrences, in a situation of this nature, scientific knowledge must be applied,” he said.

The state official added that the times that are currently being experienced in the entity are extraordinary and great seriousness is required, which is why he reiterated that if there is a high number of infections, the carnival will be suspended.

Cuen Ojeda explained that they are monitoring the pandemic, for which he asserted that they can predict but not with much certainty, for which he mentioned that it will be next February 10 when a decision is made.

“We are going to be monitoring and if there is a high rate of contagion at that time, logically, it will be suspended”

Finally, the Secretary of Health stressed that they will make the decision always putting the health of Sinaloans first.


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