Fish sales fall by 50% at the Isla de la Piedra pier fish market


Fish sales have fallen by 50 percent at the stalls located next to the jetty of La de la Piedra.

For Silvia Noreyda Cruz, dedicated to this activity since her childhood, this year that just started and the one that ended was not entirely good, because the catches do not rebound and if you add that the climate is not favorable, they do not see when they can improve your situation.

“There was a cold front, a lot of wind, and the boats did not go fishing, therefore there was not much product, but there was not much demand these days,” he said.

The products that they offer are snapper, curbina, sierra, mojarras, and burrito.

He commented that with what little there is, they take out for basic consumption, and thus cushion these days from the January slope.


The Mazatlan Post