New Mazatlan tourism secretary facing corruption charges


Report that municipal official causes environmental damage in Playa Norte in Mazatlán

On December 28, last December, the head of the Ministry of Development, Tourism and Fisheries, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, Pity Velarde, in his capacity as host, at the door of the El Muchacho Alegre restaurant, on his Facebook, to the dog whisperer: “It is a pleasure to pass this time with César Millán, and receive him in his house El Muchacho Alegre, a pride that has transcended borders …”.

The leader of the pack, delighted with the “transcendent”, of El Muchacho Alegre, a new municipal official of the 4T, smiled in unison with the Pity Velarde.

“What will also transcend is when he is behind bars,” said federal deputy Juan Torres Navarro, referring to the Pity Valarde.

“Today I filed the complaint with the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, no municipal, state or federal authority can be above the law; nor the Pity Velarde (presumed owner) of the Alegre Boy ”, warned the Morenoist federal deputy.

The legislator accuses that authorities of the three levels have violated the law by allowing the expansion of the restaurant El Muchacho Alegre, allegedly owned by Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, El Pity Velarde, head of the Ministry of Development, Tourism and Fisheries of the municipal government of Mazatlán.

“I believe that in order for us to eradicate corruption not only in Mazatlán, but in the country, we need to report to the corresponding authorities, and through the complaint, imprison those officials who are committing acts of corruption, evading the responsibility that the municipality and the state granted them, ”said Torres Navarro, who is part of the Anti-Corruption Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

On January 4, the legislator filed a complaint with the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, against those who are responsible for the alleged crime of damage to the environment caused by the expansion of the seafood restaurant El Muchacho Alegre, located at the foot of the beach. north, at Paseo Claussen number 64, downtown, in Mazatlán.

Torres Navarro maintains that the municipal authorities of Mazatlán, the government of the state of Sinaloa, the Secretariat of Tourism of the Government of Mexico and the Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources, have failed to verify the legality of the denounced construction.

“To the extent that the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, through the General Directorate of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial and Coastal Environmental Zone, modified the bases of the concession DGZF-826/09, relative to the denounced establishment, without attempting and guaranteeing the fundamental right to a healthy environment ”, he criticizes.

He adds that by building at the foot of the beaches they are polluted, thereby causing destruction and degradation of the beach habitat, unique, which are used by plants and animals.

It adds that the construction denounced causes the breaking of the natural cycle of the beach and causes the coastline to recede, with considerable losses in the volume of sand, an outcropping of rocks, and a reduction in the sand-sun width.

The complainant maintains that the facts constitute acts that have produced, produce and will produce ecological imbalance, damage to the environment and natural resources, and contravene the provisions of the General Constitution, the Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection.

With the previous complaint, Torres Navarro warned that his fight against corruption is just beginning because he considers that the looting of public resources in Mazatlán has been carried out for years between authorities and some businessmen.

“Right now we can put the example of the New Aquarium, the forest of the city, we can put the example of El Faro, where a board of trustees wants to administer that, a board that is not even registered as a Civil Association,” he accuses.

He assures that he requested information from Transparency Federal to find out how the Cerro del Crestón case, better known as El Faro, is.

“In addition to El Muchacho Alegre, from the Cerritos restaurant, we have examples of beaches in some hotels where they say they have a concession from Semarnat; It is not possible that public goods are going to be transferred to individuals, with the complicity of some public officials, ”he laments.

In relation to the complicity of public officials, he clarifies: “And I am talking about the municipal, state and federal level because I am going back to the same example, who gave that concession for the El Muchacho Alegre restaurant.”


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