‘La Roosevelt’, a new cultural area in Mazatlán


It is an old house that was remodeled to house an art gallery and a boutique hotel.

MAZATLÁN.- Not knowing what to do or where to go this weekend? 

You may not have heard of this place yet, but we are sure that when you finish reading this note you will want to go immediately.  

“La Roosevelt” is a new plaza located in the beautiful Historic Center of Mazatlán. This great project began with the art curator, Isabel Toledo, who decided to restore a large house that belonged to her grandmother. 

Isabel did not want that place to go to waste, so she created a project called “La Roosevelt” that would have a cultural and artistic impact on the people of Mazatlan. How would you achieve this? creating a unique space with paintings, works, and sculptures by national and foreign artists that would have a combination with a boutique hotel and a restaurant.  

After an intense period of restoration throughout 2021, La Roosevelt took shape, its original shape. Everything was exactly the same as it used to be, except for the bathrooms that were designed by herself.  

Inside it houses an Art Gallery with pieces of different techniques and styles by both emerging and established Mexican artists. In addition, it has spaces dedicated to a store with items from renowned Mexican designers.  

The top floor of La Roosevelt offers the exclusive of staying in an extension of the gallery: a boutique hotel with two rooms full of details of style, art, and design, which already has reservations open for this high season.  

The old house before its remodeling. / Photos: Courtesy La Roosevelt

Those attending this cozy place will also be able to admire and enjoy cultural activities, auctions, exhibitions; yoga classes, art movie nights on your terrace and garden; or enjoy a good chat in the MARÉE cafeteria and creperie, among other service businesses. 

La Roosevelt has spaces available for rent for those who wish to be part of this cultural group, due to its location at 309 Roosevelt Street, Mazatlán Centro.  

Historical legacy  

La Roosevelt house was built in 1933 and is listed as an artistic monument protected by the INAH due to its architecture representative of the Bauhaus movement in Mexico, including details of the late Art Deco style. 

Pet friendly 

La Rosevelt has a garden area, this can be used for diners who visit the restaurant to walk their pets. 

How to get there

Source: punto.mx

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