Get Ready! Health sector fears an outbreak of COVID due to Mazatlan’s year-end celebrations


The attendance of more than twenty thousand people to the event “Welcome 2022” could collect the bill for increasing cases of the virus in Mazatlán

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Health Jurisdiction number 05 called to be pending in the following days of any symptoms that they could present to confirm or rule out Covid-19, since a rebound in the number of cases is expected due to the end-of-year celebrations. 

Africa Carolina Carrasco Valenzuela mentioned that events such as the end of the year celebration in Mazatlán, which reported up to more than twenty thousand people gathered in Olas Altas, are a latent risk for the disease that continues in the world.

“Well, after the holidays and all that, the risk is there, you just have to try to be in communication for if there are any symptoms of families, then they come to take the true sample, and be on the lookout for that also prevent the spread of more Covid cases ”.

He called on the population to go to his health unit to take the sample to show any indication of being carriers of the SARS-COV-2 virus and to take the necessary measures to prevent more infections in the town, he also said that the Center de Salud de Mazatlán, located in the Centro neighborhood, has an area to carry out tests, which has remained with low demand.

Within the framework of the first day of application of AstraZeneca doses for medical personnel belonging to the Jurisdiction, from the General Hospital, Carrasco Valenzuela announced that about four thousand doses will be applied, most of them for public sector personnel, is that is, an approximate of 2,600, while just over a thousand private sector workers will receive their vaccine this Tuesday.


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