The exodus of vacationers fill the bus stations and highways of Mazatlán


Yesterday began the exodus of vacationers who left Mazatlán, filling the bus stations and the roads of the municipality.

Sinaloa.- Dozens of vacationers take yesterday’s bus stations in Mazatlan in representing the beginning of the
exodus after the holidays. Couples, families, or groups of friends waited for their bus in the waiting room and
filled the more than 12 extra runs implemented by the box office manager.

The outing of vacationers also filled the roads. After 10:00 hours, all kinds of cars paraded through the
Mazatlán-Culiacán high street. Most were vans, filled with suitcases, boxes, coolers, and even jet skis.

“I come from Culiacán, but most of my family lives in Mazatlán. We arrived on Thursday but we are already
leaving because the children return to school tomorrow, “said Adriana Hernández.

Vendors working on the highway commented that this year they did better compared to the past, which was
atypical due to the health contingency.

They revealed that they have not managed to exceed the sales of 2019, in addition to a greater influx. “You can
see movement, but not like what we expected. Before, the lines would come to El Recreo ”, said Eduardo


The Mazatlan Post